Competition is a word we hear a lot. Who are our competitors? How do we differ? How do we plan on beating the competition?

While there are many new companies and projects starting within the ecommerce space, we are yet to identify anyone doing what we are doing with Omnitude.

There are people providing payment solutions, supply chain Dapps, improved customer security and fraud prevention software, however, there are all DApps that can be deployed through our Middleware layer. We are looking to be all-inclusive and collaborate wherever possible.

The wider the adoption of this technology, the faster, transparent and more secure the world of eCommerce will become.

The short answer is, this is not the year 2000. Competition and secrecy stifle innovation.

We are creating a collaborative environment to build the broadest range of DApps designed and built by our community (and some of our own). We want to enable other blockchain technologies and so-called competitors to be able to deploy their own solutions through Omnnitude. As such, the word competition is both outdated and not necessary in a new technological world that offers transparency and gives power back to the individual.

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