We have our Proof of Concept in production right now. Effectively we are showcasing 4 things. You will be able to:

  1. Register on one of our three mock eCommerce sites as a customer and add your personal details and preference and sizing information (shirt size, waist measurements etc) to a profile.

2. This profile creates an Omnitude ID (OID) that will follow you around whichever Omnitude enabled site you use allowing for easy single signon with Omnitude credentials.
3. Test dataflows between systems, using Hyperledger, such as view items in stock (via a call to a WMS) and mock-purchase them, pulling the item out of stock and reflecting real time stock levels across the 3 sites as well as have stock replenished in the warehouse via a live smart contract that will execute to ensure new stock is ordered.
4. View a dashboard interface showing full future platform functionality as well as show Hyperledger code and tasks triggered during smart contract replenishment transaction.

The Proof of Concept will launch on the day of the starts of our token sale on the 28th March.

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