Omnitude and Williams Martini Racing are leaders in Blockchain and racing technology and application ideation and utilisation. The keyword for our partnership is exploration. We don’t yet know exactly where Blockchain technologies will be best applied but we are looking forward to this exploration, which has only just begun.

Williams Martini Racing is an enterprise organization and as such have many needs, from the mundane — like ordering copy paper to real time access — to detailed performance data — like tyre pressure. Often this data is stored disparately and siloed, and considerable effort and expense is necessary to ensure synchronisation. Major issues can arise with out-of-sync data. Blockchain, and especially Omnitude’s approach using Hyperledger, completely eliminates all data synchronisation issues and concerns across multiple enterprise organisations.

If we apply Blockchain technology to analysed performance datasets for easy sharing, and access across multiple partners and dramatically reduce integration costs, that’s so much more money for drivers or testing a new foil design, as well as faster, easier, more efficient access for their partners. Back office efficiencies like ERP and SCM and WMS are known valid use cases and Omnitude’s specialties with our platform. We are confident there are similar use cases for performance and other race specific data, and are anxious to begin the exploration.

We also strongly request and encourage comments, questions and feedback from our community. Let’s hear your ideas!

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